Cool Body Mask

Soothing hydrating gel for all skin types.  Great for sunburned, wind burned and sun damaged skin.

Add to treatment  $40


Non-invasive body sculpting.  Three zones.  Contact for pricing.

Therapeutic Massage

Soothe aching muscles and relieve stress. This treatment is customized to address areas of muscle fatigue and tension.

  60 min.  $100

  90 min.  $130


Rediscover your Senses

Facial Massage

A cool algae mask for added relaxation

added to your massage  $45

Body Wraps

Utilizing a fusion of nutrient rich seaweed, natural botanicals and pure essential oils makes our Kombu Balance Body Wrap.  This wrap will help tone and decongest your skin.  Follow the wrap with a Lemongrass Body Milk soothing massage.  Follow your senses and treat yourself, your body will thank you.

90 min $160

Add Facial Massage to treatment $45

Hot River Stone Massage

Experience the deepest state of relaxation as the warmth from the stones radiate deeply into the muscles to enhance circulation.

60 min. $120

90 min.  $150


Therapeutic Massage in Pearland

Active Isolated Stretching

The Mattes Method of employing full range of motion movements

30 minute increments  $50


Rediscover your Senses

Therapeutic Massage in Pearland

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